Department of Mathematics

Applications for the MATH-CMPE Double Major Program (September 2021)
The Mathematics-Computer Engineering double major program accepts 1 student each year. Interested students are invited to apply.

The deadline for the official application is the 10th of September 2021.

You can find the precise university regulations concerning double major programs here.

To apply,
  • fill in the relevant parts in the following two forms: Faculty of Engineering form & Faculty of Arts and Sciences form and send them together with your transcript to the double major advisors and department chairs of the Department of Computer Engineering and the Department of Mathematics to obtain an approval to apply (note: this does not mean acceptance to the program, it is just an approval allowing you to go on with your application).
  • collect all 4 e-mail replies in a single PDF file (called application approval file below).
  • Send the application approval file to ""
  • Send the application approval file, your transcript , the completed application form of the faculty (above link), your university entrance exam score/ranking to ""

Please note that the approval messages do not imply acceptance to the program in any way, but only approval of your application. Acceptance to the program will be decided on at a later stage. To complete your application, it is important that you complete all of the above steps and send the relevant files to "" and ""

Please direct any further questions to ""

You can find a suggested curriculum for the MATH-CMPE program here.